Let’s Get Acquainted

Who you are.

Change takes time and effort

You want to improve your business. You understand the path isn’t always easy, but you’re willing to put in the work for the long-term benefits.

You’re willing to challenge the status quo and current processes. You’re willing to invest in your business with people, time and money, with the expectation of seeing a real return in people, time and money.

You know the best time to start is NOW.

We’ve worked hand in hand with hundreds of contractors over three decades. We’ve met many different personalities and seen many different things. We’ve been involved in various board memberships, moderated conferences and spoken at various association events.

Because of the breadth of our exposure, there isn’t much that surprises us and our experience gives us vast insight on how companies operate, what struggles are encountered and what successes are achieved.

Who we are.

Not our first rodeo

What we do.


We’re your partner on the journey. We offer support, guidance and the benefit of years of experience. We provide a personal touch built on a relationship of trust. We’re invested in your success.

Working with your team, we’ll define your goals, uncover your challenges and help you alleviate them. Together, we’ll build a strategic plan and road map to ensure success. We’ll help you execute the plan and ensure you can maintain your program after we’re gone.

We generate involvement from different levels of your organization and create buy-in at each of these levels. This breeds accountability and responsibility with all the parties involved. We provide you with the tools to create new cultures and habits to support the initiatives going forward.

As your partner, we’re there through the assessment, building, implementing and monitoring phases of your project, clearly mapping out the steps and path to getting you to your goal and finding smart, creative solutions when you reach an impasse.

Our firm offers a variety of tools and plans to help you improve your business. By implementing any of these, you’ll find your business will: run more effectively, efficiently and productively; customer satisfaction will increase; employee morale will increase. You’ll be more prepared for economical, social, cultural or legislative changes.

The more disciplined your organization is, the less disciplined your employees need to be. By creating structure within your business, you eliminate the opportunity for employees to operate from their own thought process, reducing chances for error and blowback, allowing for your own greater sense of peace of mind and work life balance.


Peace of mind



Every organization is different and will encounter struggles depending on its current status and the direction it wants to go, however, there are some common themes.

No one likes change. You’ll experience resistance from employees. This can be alleviated by getting employees involved in the change and help creating it, and by sharing and clearly communicating the expectations.

Change takes time. While we’re all looking for the quick and easy fix, they are generally not the right solution and frustrations can build up when change isn’t happening quickly. This can be alleviated by understanding the work that is being done, building in appropriate milestones for tracking performance and managing the expectations of the timeline.

Project execution. Not allocating appropriate resources or changing priorities can easily derail the success of a project. This can be alleviated by performing the proper assessment, developing the right strategic plan and standing firm in your convictions. Incorporate the challenges into your strategic plan, don’t avoid them.

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