Lean Construction

What is Lean Construction?

Minimize cost. Maximize value.

Lean Construction is a series of best practices allowing continuous improvement to minimize cost and maximize value to all stakeholders on a project. It’s about reducing inefficiencies. This is done by broader collaboration, better communication and eliminating waste.

Lean construction reduces inefficiencies and eliminates waste across the operations of the entire organization, not just one silo of the operations.

By collaborating with everyone involved in the project early in the process, the end product delivery is completed with fewer deficiencies and reworks, less waste and inefficiency and all stakeholder’s satisfaction resulting in better productivity and profitability.

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Benefits of Lean Construction

Better productivity. Increased profitability. Continual Improvement.

Applying Lean Construction

Any project to any degree

Because Lean Construction integrates best practices from a variety of different systems, it’s not an all or nothing venture. You can implement the various aspects progressively throughout all silos of your organization, not just your projects. It becomes part of your organization culture, throughout all levels of your organization.

Lean works with any process that has measurable deliverables, no matter how big or small the process is.

The client’s projects were incurring labour cost overruns to keep the contract schedule. We delved into the project delivery process from estimating through execution, identified inefficient areas that were interrupting the schedule, revised processes to include Lean methodologies.

Subsequent projects enjoying better information flow, better understanding of expectations, starting on time, and finishing on time.

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