Business Plans

What is a Business Plan?

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A business plan is usually prepared for a specific purpose, such as obtaining funding, and outlines the “who” and “what”.

Who runs the organization, what makes them qualified and what value do they bring? Who is the competition and what makes your organization different? Identifying what the organization provides, and how it’s provided. This can be an internal or external document.

A business plan provides clarity and accountability. It’s usually an integral part of securing funding and the decision to provide the funding could rely on the strength of the presentation to the financiers.

Benefits of a Business Plan

Getting what you need

Applying a Business Plan

Defining and executing

Determine who the end user of the business plan will be. Define what needs to be showcased to the reader and the best way to showcase it. Understand what metrics the reader will be looking for.

The client wanted to begin new operations, complementing existing operations and allowing them to perform more work in-house over contracting out. This entailed purchasing of land, building, fabrication equipment and required financing. We presented financers with a detailed business plan that enabled the client to secure the required financing and successfully expand their operations.

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